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Convert more sales opportunities

Successful marketing campaigns depend on perfect timing of communications, combined with that customer’s immediate context.

Freespee workflows harnesses powerful segmentation and real-time data to take marketing automation to the next level.

Marketers use workflows to implement a series of automated workflows that are personalised to the online and offline behavior of your customers.


You have no opportunity to implement a CX strategy for conversations because you lack a platform that offers visibility, management and influence of the customer journey.


Create automated workflows from visitor segments, allowing you to deliver targeted customer journeys with personalised messaging.

Increase Revenue and Convert Sales Opportunities

Effortlessly scale personalised CX and Lead Management strategies

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Build stronger relationships by creating exceptional experiences

Improve CX

Digitally transform customer experience by automating the buyer journey to make it  easier and faster for your customers to ask you a question.

Nurture your leads

Benchmark lead management performance across all offices. Update CRM records in real-time and auto-trigger messages & alerts to improve KPIs.

Abandonment Recovery

Give your sales agents more opportunity to close deals. Recover high value calling customers by activating personalised SMS messages.

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