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Convert your web visitors & app users into callers

Connect Freespee to your web & app to be able to view and manage your customers interactions and conversations with your service or sales teams

Convert visitors to callers with tracked CTA’s on landing pages for web & app

More control, less guess work.

All your inbound call & text conversation events in one place

Freespee automatically captures every user contact request in your web or app and lets you build workflow journeys or deploy messages.

All the data in Freespee is provided in real time

Website CTA’s

Conversation Based Web Analytics

Replacing your static telephone number’s with Freespee CTA’s will enable you to automatically capture every unique visitor call to your call centre, office, mobile workforce or sellers.

App CTA’s

Conversation Based In-App Analytics

Connecting Freespee to your app will get you insights every time your user’s touch your contact buttons. Freespee automatically detects your users app session and contact request and shows you all the data in beautiful and simple visual reports.

User-level Analytics

Visitor and user-level attribution

Monitor your visitor, user and connected caller profiles in simple, easy to understand visual reports. You have access to data rich unique contact profile records created or updated every time a customer calls.

Instant setup

Simple one-time installation

Freespee’s installation process is super simple. You put our JavaScript code on your website and our SDK code in your mobile app once and you are set for life. Go live in less than one day and reap the benefits of being able to data mine your customers call and sms interactions.

Display clickable trackable CTA's on web or app

Connect your website to your call centre or sales team

Cross device

Compatible with all desktop and mobile platforms; iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Desktop apps.

Low Impact

Lightweight & works in the background without impacting your web or app’s performance.

Easy setup

Connect Freespee by adding only a single line of code, in less than a minute.

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