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Freespee Conversation Platform

  • Deliver personalised automated effortless CX

  • Digital transformation is here for your conversation channels


Over Conversions

The old way

Tracking form and basket conversions with no visibility or influence over 1:1 conversation channels.

The Freespee way

Having visibility over every inbound customer conversation across Calls, SMS, Forms, Live Chat, Social Chat and App messaging.


Over Attribrution

The old way

Tracking the number of website events and goals, their source, alongside website browsing history.

The Freespee way

Using insight from every conversational thread to personalise the CX before, during and after the conversation to influence your customers to act.

Conversation Campaigns

Over Conversion Campaigns

The old way

Triggering marketing automation and advertising campaigns from a form or basket conversion.

The Freespee way

Planning and executing automated personalised campaigns across SMS, Email, App notifications, Calls and using our real-time integrations to send marketing communications based on any conversational event.


Over No Control

The old way

Lacking a digital platform to implement marketing or sales strategies that influence acquisition, lead management, conversion, CX and attribution.

The Freespee way

Helping enterprise brands build customer experience and lead management strategies that utilise their customers conversation channels to drive revenue.

A Connected Buisness

Over A Siloed Buisness

The old way

Storing partially complete profiles of customers from separate inbound channels and feeding them into a BI solution for complex attribution and trend analysis.

The Freespee way

We build data-rich complete customer profiles sourced from any inbound conversation channel and then feed this across your entire business and marketing stack in real-time.

Global Strategy

Over Regional Tactics

The old way

Working with separate vendors who can support your offices nationally or in a limited choice of international countries. Collaborating with colleagues and having to compromise on go-to-market strategies because of the varying services and support you are provided.

The Freespee way

Empowering multi-national brands with a platform that can support their business in every country they are located with services and support that are infinitely scalable to any request and go-to-market requirement.

Deliver effortless omnichannel CX with Freespee

We don’t think CX should end when your customer starts a conversation.
Great CX is seamless, multi-channel and individual to the customer.

Freespee enables enterprise marketing teams to implement conversational CX strategies that increase acquisition and generate revenue.

Brands choose Freespee because we make it easy to identify, nurture, and convert sales opportunities.