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Helping the world's leading brands succeed

We offer a complete onboarding and ongoing customer success programme designed to help you maximise your results

Many customers are new to creating and implementing CX and lead management strategies for their calling customers. Don’t worry, we tailor every customer relationship based on client exposure and experience. We are here to help you succeed at every opportunity.

How we help our customers

Customer success

Your success starts on day one, our customer success managers will help you build and evolve how you influence your CX and nurture every sales opportunity.


We work with you right from the beginning, expanding your knowledge, planning new initiatives, pro-active in helping you to exceed your goals.

A/B Testing

Experiment and change it up to see what works best. We help you test your communications, monitor the impact, and step by step improve your marketing and sales.

Data driven hypothesis

The CSM’s are part data-scientist and part creative, who look at your data on a daily basis, developing new hypotheses and solutions to pro-actively develop your strategies and campaigns.


Expert help when you need it. World-class knowledge and resources from a team of Swedish engineers and support who live to help and provide solutions for you.

Deliver exceptional omnichannel CX

Since our founding as the world’s first conversation platform, Freespee has been leading the industry in terms of engineering and innovation. Our solutions and services offer marketing, sales, and product teams direct access to a platform and team that are singled minded in helping to make your brand more conversational.