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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file sent from a website to your device – for example a computer, smartphone or tablet. Cookies are automatically saved on your device and can be used for different reasons. Some cookies are for example used for gathering information about you and some are used to enhance the performance of the website.

Why do we have a cookie policy?

You have a right to be informed of what cookies we (and our partners) store on your device. This cookie policy informs you of what cookies we use and how you can do if you wish to opt-out from having cookies stored on your device.

What do you mean with partners?

Does anyone else but you store cookies on my device?

In order to build a better service we partner up with other third-party services that also store cookies on your device. These are commonly referred to as third-party cookies. Below we list all cookies – both our own and third-party cookies.

How do I opt-out from having cookies stored on my device?

You can use the settings within your web browser to control if cookies are allowed to be stored on your device. Please note that cookies are important for the performance of this website. If you set your browser to reject cookies some features might not operate in a proper way.

So what cookies do your store?

Cookies that are stored on your device are listed below. In the list we inform you about:

  • the name of the cookie

  • the purpose of the cookie

  • if it is a third-party cookie (and then, on behalf of what third party this cookie is stored)

  • what technology the cookie is built on (e.g. flash cookie or ordinary cookie)

  • for how long the cookie is stored on your device, and...

  • if the cookie is used for registering any behaviour or information about you

NamePurposeThird-partyTechnologyTime saved on deviceRegistering any information or behaviour
cookie.txtTo give us information about the demography of our users.Yes: cookieUntil removedYes. The cookie registers your location, device and operative system.
cookie2.txtTo give us information about how you use the site, in order to enhance the site layout.Yes. Flash cookieUntil removedYes. The cookies registers X, Y and Z.