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Segment your web visitors & app users

For every unique caller to your business, create targeted dynamic lists based on their digital behaviour.

The world’s first platform that lets you create targetable segments of callers to influence the customer experience.

Every caller profile is captured in real-time

As soon as a visitor or app user clicks a Freespee CTA, Freespee builds a complete profile for selection and targeting

Build long term relationships through digital-targeting

Create your segments

Create unique caller segments based on digital values like media source, online browsing history, location, device, customer life stage and more.

Use your segments

Use these hyper-targeted segments to power automation journeys like assignment and prioritisation, alongside email and SMS messaging to influence your customers to act.

Analyse the performance

Track how your segments and recipes are performing in real-time, with insightful metrics to facilitate easy decision making.

Gain a competitive advantage

The world’s first conversation platform to offer caller segmentation and targeting based on the digital profile of the caller.

Become a master of your data

Freespee Segments improve lead management and CX by offering you the opportunity to get closer to your customers through granular dynamic list building and targeting.

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