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Attribute every call and text chat generated back to its advertising source

Accurately measure your digital advertising with Freespee Analytics

Online to Offline

Accurately measure which content, design and A/B tests are resonating with your audiences and influencing them to call or text.

Performance Metrics

Report the source, device, channel, and website usage data alongside every conversation for first and last click attribution analysis.

Visitor-level Attribution

Using the Freespee cloud you can successfully attribute every call or text conversion back to the website visitor for analytics and targeting.

With the Freespee conversation cloud you can connect your customers digital experiences to their offline journey

Freespee analytics attributes all channels and all campaigns for new and returning callers

We empower marketing teams to add offline conversions to a marketing stack that previously predominantly only looked at online conversions

See the value of your display advertising on offline conversations

Connect your digital ads to call conversations

Freespee helps you attribute call conversions down to publisher level, giving you the power to identify high and low performing inventory in real-time.

Retarget offline audiences you know have or haven’t converted with highly targeted ads.

Measure which keywords resonate with your calling audiences

See which keywords drive high value callers

Freespee helps you attribute call conversions down to keyword level to allow you to differentiate between researchers and buyers, allowing you to optimise your search campaigns and auction bids to lower CPC and CPA.

See what works across your paid and organic social posts

Bridge social audiences with calling audiences

With Freespee we track the visitor’s browsing habits from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, giving you full 360 vision of what your customers look at before, during and after your calls. Use these impactful insights to enhance your customer experience strategy and communications.

Track email engagement to sales enquiries with Freespee

Add offline sales enquiries to your email performance metrics

With email such a key delivery platform for acquisition and retention communications, you need a solution that can seamlessly connect your offline conversations with your emails campaigns for ROI analytics, segmentation and workflow planning.

Put your offline customer data to work


Highly accurate complete customer profiles that attribute the media channel and campaign source to new or return callers.

Expert Service

With dedicated customer success managers you have experts on hand that will you give proactive support and recommendations.

Streamline your Data

With over 50 plug and play integrations and growing you can have all of this data in your marketing stack with no in-house dev required.

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